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December 22, 2011


Steve Spencer

Leilani, thank you sincerely for making me cry this morning. Your strength has always been so impressive. Thank you for reminding me that people are people, and that they are what is important. That people have things in their lives that are real, and too deep and precious for words. That everyone is special. And that all too often I build my own emotional bubbles, and leave too many "lonely babies" in my wake.

Thank you.


Big hugs Leilani! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and helping bring everything into perspective.


Thank you for sharing this, Leilani. It's beautiful and sad and so strong. You are wonderful and I'm so blessed to know you!


I love you, L. You always inspire me. xxoo


I didn't realize Gabriel's birthday was in December. Must be hard every year. It's inspiring how you have taken these experiences and are working to make the world better for the families that find themselves in this place as well. Wishing you much peace this Solstice!

Ashley Jennings

Wow. Thank you for sharing.

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